Massage Therapist



Holistic Massage ITEC Diploma level 3 


What led you to become a massage therapist?


I have been a dancer all my life and enjoy a career in contemporary dance alongside massage therapy. Over the years, the ability to tune into my body and come into contact with others' on a daily basis has honed my touch sensitivity and my listening skills on a non-verbal as well as verbal level. I regularly receive massage and other holistic treatments; sometimes for specific injuries, sometimes because it simply makes me feel better. Knowing the relaxing and healing benefits firsthand, I wanted to utilise my existing knowledge and be able to offer the sense of wellness and recuperation it can bring to others. Initially, I became a massage therapist in aim of treating fellow dancers. Now I feel it is perhaps even more important for me to invite people to pay attention to their bodies, and to simply receive self care, who may not normally do so.


How would you describe your massage style?

I’d describe my style as having a sense of flow; regular rhythm can make us feel secure and relaxed so I try to incorporate this into my sequences. I aim to be soothing but effective with my touch using smooth and confident strokes and adapting the pressure and point of focus to what is required in the moment. In this way, I would say I am very flexible and sensitive to the needs of an individual and view each massage as a dialogue of trust and receptiveness between myself and the client. My intention is to ultimately induce a feeling of positive change after each massage and I like to focus on encouraging more space throughout the body, which in turn helps clear the mind.



Why did you join Relax Bristol?


I wanted to reach out to more people through massage and I felt joining the Relax Bristol community could help me do that, both by working alongside like-minded therapists and to engage with a wider clientele base. Relax Bristol has that wonderful balance of professionalism and friendliness. I want to provide a high quality service and felt the company’s values and its commitment to people in general and the work of therapists would help me deliver this.


What does holistic mean to you and how do you take care of your own wellbeing?


To me, holistic means Whole. One. Unity. That is the truth of our situation, that we are not just a body or a mind or all that’s in-between and to treat ourselves as such would be unnatural. I feel there is a tendency in our society to create a hierarchy out of the above and believe it’s important to bring ourselves back into our own sense of harmony as often as we can. 

Meditation, being with nature and anything from yoga, dancing or going for a walk can bring me a sense of wellbeing. At the same time, a simple cup of tea, good conversation with friends or taking myself somewhere new can do me the world of good. I think the activity itself is less important but giving myself permission to enjoy an experience, from having a massage to sitting in the sunshine, can help me to feel altogether well.

It may sound like a cliché but meeting the basics such as getting the amount of sleep I need, eating well and keeping hydrated really are fundamental to wellbeing and I find referring to this quick checklist helps if I’m feeling a little off! 



 Who would benefit from your treatment?


Anyone who would like to receive dedicated care and nurture through a unique and professional sense of touch is welcome to one of my treatments. I have treated dancers, mothers, managers, teachers, teenagers… Regardless of age or profession, every individual has the right to maximise their health and to benefit from the rejuvenating and relaxing results of massage.

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