Bespoke Massage 

What is bespoke massage?

Our bespoke massage is a treatment tailored to you.

Who would benefit from choosing a bespoke massage? 

Our bespoke massage is good for those who are not sure of the kind of treatment they want and would prefer to talk to their therapist and decide on the day. Or for those looking to book an alternative treatment that certain therapists may be qualified in but is not listed on our treatment menu.


What can be included in a Bespoke Massage?


You can choose to incorporate some deep tissue, some relaxation or even some detoxing techniques and our therapists can tailor you the perfect treatment. Maybe your favorite part of a massage is foot massage or scalp massage. With our Bespoke massage you can ask for extra time on the scalp, feet, back, legs or wherever you need it most. 

Can I ask for a treatment not listed on your treatment menu when booking my Bespoke Massage? 


Yes. You can see the different massage training your therapist has on their profile page. If you see something there they are qualified in that you'd like to try then simply select our bespoke massage and write what you would like included in the notes. Some of our therapists are trained in Reiki, Facials, Hot Bamboo Massage and more. If you would like to try any of these treatments we will do our best to provide this for you. 

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