Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or when you're just feeling generous. A link to the voucher will be will be emailed to the purchaser and can then be forwarded to the recipient or printed out to be given in a card.  

Who should I buy a massage gift voucher for? 

The reason that massage gift vouchers make such a great present is that they're great for people who you know well as well as for people you don't know so well. Have a friend or family member who's not taking enough time out for themselves? Maybe a new mum or an ambitious office worker? Maybe you know a couple who both work too hard and deserve some time out for them? Then giving them a massage gift voucher could be the perfect way to let them know you care. Vouchers are also great for people who you don't know so well but you want to be sure not to disappoint with your choice of gift. Perhaps someone is about to leave your workplace? Or maybe you're in a new relationship and you're still getting to know each other? If there's one gift that you can't go wrong's this.

What format does the gift voucher come in? 

Our massage gift voucher is instantly usable. Once you have made payment you will be emailed the details of your voucher. You will be able to click in the email to see the voucher and then either email it or print it out. 

How is the massage voucher used to purchase a massage?

When the lucky recipient of your massage voucher is ready to book they simply go to our website and and choose whichever treatment they would like for the length indicated on their massage voucher. They type the code stated on their voucher into the box at the check out and the rest is automatic. Their massage therapist could then be on their way to them within just two hours! 

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