Pregnancy Massage 


What is pregnancy massage?

Pregnancy massage has been used for thousands of years to help to soothe the aches and pains of pregnant women. Our pregnancy massage will help to calm an overactive mind, sooth any aches and relieve tension in expectant and post natal mothers. 

Who can benefit from choosing a pregnancy massage ? 

Expectant and postnatal mothers who are experiencing, anxiety, insomnia or physical aches and pains will all benefit from our pregnancy massage. 


What happens during a pregnancy massage treatment? 


Your therapist may bring extra pillows or a specialist bolster to help support you in a side lying position during your treatment. The massage will include long relaxing flowing strokes and deeper work in tense areas. You can request for extra attention to be paid to your neck, scalp and feet for added relaxation. 

Why should I book a pregnancy massage with Relax Bristol? 

During pregnancy there can be times when your body is crying out for a massage, and with our service you can receive your treatment without the stress of needing to go anywhere. Our therapists are experienced experts and can bring extra pillows to ensure you are completely comfortable throughout. Pregnancy massage can only be received after the first trimester. 


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