Massage therapist, MTI member.


Holistic Massage Diploma - Level 4 Anatomy Physiology and Pathology Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork accredited by The Massage Training Institute

Holistic massage

What drew you to become a therapist? 

When I finished school I wanted to train in massage but instead I went on to work in a hair salon but the clients would always comment on how much they enjoyed the complementary head massage they received while their hair was being washed. Eventually I made the decision to study and looked for the best training centre I could find. 

I become qualified with the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork which provides an in depth training of both the physical aspect of massage as well as the spiritual aspect and I haven't looked back since. I absolutely love massage and feel lucky that something that is a hobby and a passion can also be a job. 

How would you describe your massage style? 

I like to meet my clients where they are in the moment when they come to see me. I like to tune in with the client starting the treatment with energy holds and following my intuition. My massage is person centered and tailored to suit the clients needs so I incorporate subtle energy work to bring about relaxation and deeper pressure to relieve tension.

Why did you join Relax Bristol?

​I think it's a very professional and caring young company with the great passion for a massage. Relax Bristol connects massage therapists with the clients in a safe and professional way. I think it will become a very successful company and I am happy to be a part of it.

Relax Bristol Treatments offered

Classic Massage

Bespoke Massage

Deep Tissue massage 

Pregnancy Massage 

Hen Party Massage - Table only

Workplace massage  - Table only

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