Relaxation Massage 

What is a relaxation massage? 

Our relaxation massage is tailored  to help you to switch off your mind in times of stress. Although necessary for productivity, stress can also have many negative effects on the body which can leave us more vulnerable to diseases, injuries and illnesses. Our relaxation massage helps to guard against this by helping you  to take time for yourself switch off, tune out, unwind and relax. 

Who would benefit from a relaxation massage?

People who suffer with insomnia or high stress levels would benefit from a relaxation massage. Those who find it hard to relax would benefit from a series of treatments.

What to expect during a relaxation massage

Our relaxation massage consists of long, flowing and  rhythmic moves to warm up the muscle tissue, guiding you gently into a calmer state of mind. Deeper work to target tension areas can be incorporated on request.

Your therapist may also bring calming music and a blend of essential oils to aid a deeper state of relaxation. 


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