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Now providing massage in Newport, Wales

About a year ago we had one of our excellent and busiest therapists Olga move away from Bristol to live in the closest Welsh city of Newport in Wales.  She was such a superstar that she continued to provide massage treatments in Bristol for clients. So she would take the drive along the M4 to meet our clients requests in a minimum of just two hours. Impressive hey?! Since then I have been planning to expand our mobile massage service into Wales, starting with Newport so that Olga and I can begin to offer treatments there. And now, I'm please to say. This has finally happened. 


Since hearing of Olga's news, I too have been looking at taking a leap from Bristol to Newport. If I am ever to afford to clasp at the property ladder then this is, I've decided, the place I would like to buy. 


I didn't know a whole lot about Newport about four months ago but now I would say I know a little more. For starters I've found out that the drive from Bristol to Newport takes no time at all in good traffic (about 35 minutes) which is great for us "work from homers' who can smugly avoid rush hour! Newports city center houses a really nice pub called Le Public Space, or Le Pub to the locals. It's a non profit music and Arts centre which to me (and yes perhaps arrogantly) sounds quite Bristol-esq! As well as this the roads from my experience are much wider and quieter than what I've been used to in Bristol and you are of course, when in Newport, just a short drive away from some stunning countryside!


As I've become familiar with the route across the beautiful Severn Bridge, and of course since they've removed the tolls, I've decided that I too am happy to drive over to provide some treatments there! So I'm super delighted to say that Relax Bristol are now providing mobile massage treatments to homes and hotels in and around Newport! 


The question of whether people (our clients) may get a little confused as to why a company called Relax Bristol should now provide treatments in Newport has of course come up in my mind many times and I've gone over the idea of changing our name to something more 'neutral' to aid our transition into new places. But we love our name and the idea of changing it doesn't feel quite right, so for now we are sticking with Relax Bristol Mobile Massage but just adding on 'and Newport' in the middle. 


So if you are in Newport and reading this then please spread the word, as we now have two exceptional therapists (excuse me while I blow my own trumpet there!) providing massage to homes near you. 




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