Workplace Massage 

Regular workplace massage is a valuable investment. It can improve the efficiency of your company as well as your team’s productivity, creativity and feeling of wellbeing.


The benefits of massage for stress reduction are now well documented but what is important to note is the potential that massage has for preventing possible health problems within your organisation before they arise.

And relax...


Having a regular massage can have huge benefits for an individual's wellbeing and these benefits can have on the bigger picture within your company.


Company benefits

  • Helps to prevent stress related conditions before they arise.

  • Improves staff morale

  • Staff feel valued

  • Saves money on absenteeism and recruitment costs.


Individual benefits

  • Reduces the effects of stress

  • Eases back pain

  • Improves state of wellbeing

  • Helps to identify health related issues

  • Acts as a reminder to try to live a healthy lifestyle

  • Encourages productivity by the use of positive breaks

Additional Benefits


  • As a thank you for your booking we will offer your company a  unique code offering all your team members 10% off all of our home massage treatments.



We have collected some key findings to show you just how valuable having regular massage within your workplace could be for your company savings.

Staff absenteeism costs your company.


The 2011 Absence Management report highlights: On average, employers lose 9.1 working days per employee per year in the public sector, 8.8 days in the nonprofit sector and 5.7 days in the private sector to sickness absence.

Absenteeism can be prevented leading to big savings.

NICE ( National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) estimates that substantial savings can be made through preventative treatment: Mental ill health costs UK employers almost £1 million per year. For an organisation with 1000 employees, the annual cost of mental ill health was estimated to be more than £835,000. Identifying problems early – or preventing them in the first place, could result in cost savings of 30%. This is equivalent to cost savings of more than £250,000 per year.


Musculoskeletal and mental health conditions make up 75% of work related illnesses.  


We know that in 2010/11, 75% of new work-related health problems were either musculoskeletal or related to stress, depression and anxiety (NICE, 2012).

Massage can help!!

With stress…. A review of the literature looking at the Physiological Adjustments to Stress Measures Following Massage Therapy shows that a single massage treatment can have a beneficial effect on reducing cortisol levels, heart rate and blood pressure of the recipient, therefore helping to prevent stress related problems before they arise.

And with back pain… A review of the literature showing the effectiveness of Swedish massage in treating chronic low back pain found on NBCI ((National Center for Biotechnology Information) shows that Swedish massage is reported to relieve chronic low back pain by enhancing physical functions; providing pain relief, improving disability and range of motion, improving psychological functions; reducing anxiety and improving mood.




How much does workplace massage cost?


We work on a therapist hire basis and charge £55 for the first two hours and £50 per hour after that. 

How to book

Drop us a line with the details of your event.

Individual payments per treatment


We understand that sometimes allowing your team to pay for their own massage treatments can be a more attractive arrangement for some companies and so we can offer our single price booking form. Minimum six people.


10 minutes - £15 per person


Single treatments can be organised by your staff  by filling in our payment sheet. The form must be full before your booking can be confirmed. We recommend filling in names before making payment so we can confirm your booking.


To organise your staff treatments in this way simply forward this link onto your team.

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